No.1 Hot drawn, tempered matte surface. Cold drawn material production is used for industrial tanks and chemical applications.
No.2D Cold drawn, tempered matte surface. In the petrochemical industry, automobile parts will be used in a variety of materials and pipelines.
No.2B Cold drawn, tempered matte surface. It was cleaned and gently polished. The preferred surface type for standard use.
No.3 Cold drawn, tempered matte surface. The rough grinding was done. Building interior and exterior decoration is used in kitchen and home applications, materials .
No.4 Cold drawn, tempered matte surface. Fine grinding is done. It has a silver-white color. The bathroom is used inside and outside the building and the food industry.
BA Cold-rolled, tempered polished surface. The house is used in kitchen utensils.
SB Very finely ground, Scotch-Brite. Used for decorative purposes.
316Tİ Corrosion resistance is similar to 316. It has a very high oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
Dull It is a dull matte surface with a 2D surface. It is used on surfaces where light reflection is not desired.